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Pfundamental provides a range of tailorable services designed for entrepreneurs to medium sized companies.

Who We Are

Chris Pfund
Pfundamental Consulting Founder

Chris Pfund is the founder of Pfundamental Consulting. Chris Pfund’s career in healthcare has spanned the course of the last decade with an emphasis in hospice billing, human resources, and healthcare business operations. During this time frame, Chris has developed a skill set and expansive knowledge base with regards to multi-state business startups, business and financial operations, investor relations, coaching and change management, and strategic human resource planning and optimization. Chris’ foundation comes from his continued educational pursuits. Chris earned his BS in Marketing in 2006 and his MBA in Human Resource Management and Health Systems Management in 2011 from Grand Canyon University. In 2018 Chris further broaden his comprehension by earning a PH.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Portfolio of Services

Pfundamental has experience owning and operating healthcare organizations. This innate understanding allows Pfundamental to provide this portfolio of tailorable services.

Business Operations

  • Interim Management
  • Process Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Survey Readiness

Human Resource Management

Pfundamental is an expert at navigating the complexities of human capital.

Services Include:

  • Coaching & Guidance
  • Documentation Management
  • General Compliance
  • Government Support
  • Onboarding & Termination Support
  • Policies and Procedures

Ala Carte

For clients that need occasional help – $65/hr

Revenue Cycle Management

Financial demands are at the heart of every organization. The slightest reimbursement issue can create a negative waive in business operations.

1. Provides personalized service with experienced billers.
2. Provides daily billing (even on the weekends).
3. Provides reporting to support cash flow management.
4. Keeps clients up-to-date on billing regulations.
5. Will correct minor administrative errors to keep billing on track (and of course inform/educate to reduce errors).

Assisted Living Training School

AZ Caregiver & Manager Training Programs

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